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Wine Glass, 385ml, Barone 7156, Nadir Glass

Buy this Red Wine Glass for Your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Hotel, Banquet or Bistro. Wholesale Pricing, Fast Shipping and Superior Service.

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  • This wine glass is a classic drink ware that you must have in your collection.
  • Our perfect wine glasses are beautifully crafted allowing you to enjoy every sip of your drink.
  • These glasses are made up of soda lime, which is most prevalent type of glass for storing food commodities.
  • It can be also use to serve cocktails, or any other alcoholic beverages.
  • These glasses are tempered, hence, durable.
  • It is shock and scratch resistance.
  • These glasses in this set have capacity of 385ml.
  • Its design is sleek and attractive.
If you are looking for high quality crystal wine glasses, that are perfect to greet your customers, then look no further. Moreover, a complete set of tableware makes a great impression on your customer. Here at fnbfleet we have a complete set of wine glasses. Wine glasses are of various types like red wine glass, white wine glass, champagne flutes and sherry glass. Barone wine glass is mostly used to serve red wine. Its elegant and transparent look gives you a variety of choices to do great in experimenting layered drinks. These are manufactured by Nadir in Brazil. Wine glass features bowl, stem and foot. It is easy to hold and rim of this glass is thin which makes sipping more comfortable. It is dishwasher friendly, you can easily hand wash it using regular detergent. It is also ideal for wedding or anniversary present. Add variety to your wine glassware collection and let other to appreciate you .Explore the best glassware at reasonable price for your hotels, pubs, restaurants, banquets or kitchens here.
Volume 385 ml
Dimensions 8.2 x 21 cm
Weight 0.21 kg
Disclaimer At the time of delivery, please check if there is any breakage or any other issue in the delivered product. If any issues found, please return the same along with Delivery Executive. No returns will be taken after.