How Important is Ambience in a Restaurant For Its Success

We all go to various restaurants to spend a nice and quality time with our friends, family and colleagues. You all must also have your favourite restaurant which makes you visit the place again and again. But, did you ever give a thought to what exactly makes customers choose a particular restaurant as favourite? Obviously, Food is one such factor but what about the interior, concept, surroundings and service that together constitute the ambience of a restaurant.

It is easy to think about setting up a restaurant, cafe or a lounge. But, it is even tougher to set it up in a way which makes it worth visiting and revisiting for customers. It requires great efforts to make a restaurant business successful. The success of a restaurant is totally dependent upon a number of factors including the entire ambiance of it.

Every restaurant owner must understand that it is the ambiance which lures and binds the customers with restaurant. If your food and staff are top notch but your ambiance is not up to the mark then you will end up making efforts to attract customers. There has to be some positive vibes and energy level in your place.

To be a tough player in the restaurant market, you need to find ways to make a positive atmosphere for your customers. The more the positivity, the longer they stay and seek out your place again and again. At every corner of your restaurant, you must have a setting which maintains high level of satisfaction for customers. This satisfaction can double your profits as well as ratings to attract new customers.

To help you out in setting up an amazing ambience of your restaurant, we are going to talk about some elements in detail:


Restaurant theme



Every restaurant is based upon a particular theme or concept according to the cuisine its offers. Before starting off with restaurant set up, first visualise the furnishing and design of the area you have. If your restaurant specialises in fine dining then you cannot have a rustic environment which suits Barbeque restaurants the best. Once you have a clear idea about your vision and concept then you can easily decide an amazing interior. It must create a connection between the food and culture of your restaurant. Being the front face of every restaurant, you must spend ample time in planning the requirements for setting up the theme.

Keep colours on priority while deciding the theme. They play an important role in creating the mood in sync with your theme. They bring positivity to your restaurant and fill the ambience with freshness. Choose those colours that match your restaurant concept. Avoid colours like greens and purples which are difficult to coordinate. Do not overpower your restaurant interior with too bold colours. Create balance between dull and vibrant colours to give a subtle classy look to your restaurant.

Add a few lovely and unique elements in your interior. You can play with crockery design, drinks dispensers, indoor fountains, aquariums or any other element which can attract customers and make them sit for long.





The furniture that you are going to put in your restaurant reflects your over all style. You need to work well while doing your market research for choosing the right design of furniture. It is an investment which will stay with you for years. Spend good amount on quality furniture which can be wiped off easily every day. Try to find something which is stain resistant and has long lasting shine.

You furniture should go perfectly well with your overall concept. You cannot put lawn furniture in your indoor restaurant. Before you go to buy furniture for your restaurant make sure you have a clear picture of the theme in your mind. If we talk about the style, always consider the space that you have in your restaurant. It you have plenty space, you can choose anchored furniture. But, if you don’t have much space then always try to select something which is portable and looks nice also. Portable chairs and tables can be placed anywhere and you can manage the crowd efficiently.  

You must consider the shape of furniture to make your restaurant look symmetrically balanced. From various shapes, rectangular and round are most common. You can even get furniture made from reclaimed wood for an exotic interior.





A good restaurant is made up of perfectly balanced lights. Lighting is incredibly essential to tone up your restaurant. They create a pleasing ambience depending upon the concept and lights you have used in your restaurant. Whether you have a romantic or a barbeque theme, lights can change the entire look of your restaurant.

Everyone loves pleasing vibes around them while having food. Lights illuminate not only the table area but also the positive mood which invites customers to visit again. While deciding upon the placement of lights, always keep in mind that customers like to see what they are eating. Do not make lights too dim as this may ruin their entire experience. With dim lights, customers can end up figuring out where their particular dish is. On the other hand, do not make too harsh or extra bright lights. Nobody likes to squint at their family or friends they are having food with.

Try to balance bright light with a little bit of dimness to give a soothing effect to the eyes of customers. Make an adjustment which can serve the purpose of both creating mood and utility.





Music is one of the most important elements in establishing mood in your restaurant. Nothing can beat music in creating pleasing atmosphere for a meal. You really need to have music which can attract customers and make them sit for longer. Good playlist triggers the hearing senses along with taste buds of the customers. Great combination of restaurant’s theme, furniture, lighting and music can really make your restaurant stand out among the rest.

Always choose music which can complement the other elements of your restaurant. Make a good adjustment of volume. Too low volume or a higher volume may result in making noise and can create disturbance for your customers.


Clean surroundings



Who doesn’t like to have food in a clean surrounding?

A clean restaurant reflects the quality of food you are going to serve your customers. So it is extremely important to work on the cleanliness of your restaurant to make your customers feel you care about their health. A dirty restaurant always brings negative energy and show that you are quite far from employing hygiene practices at your place.

Keep your floor area always clean because it is the first impression on customers. Second impression in cleanliness is created by the washroom of your restaurant. If your washroom is not clean and stinks badly then nobody would ever want to sit and have food at your place. This will totally ruin their experience as well as your reputation.

Also manage to clean your kitchen area every day. If your kitchen area is clean then you would be able to serve healthy food to your customers. Cleanliness is one of the primary as well as lasting impressions on your customers.

Being in restaurant business is quite challenging. But if you succeed in creating the right and soothing experience for your customers then nobody can stop you from doubling your profits. A pleasing ambience of your restaurant can turn your first time visitors into regular customers in just no time.

A Good Restaurant Ambience is the way to your Customers’ Heart!