7 Healthy Food Items on Restaurant Menu That Aren’t Salads

When somebody talks about healthy food outside, it probably reminds us about healthy salads full of lettuce and cucumber. But in actual, there are some more dishes which we get in restaurants and they are as healthy as to complement your fitness regime. To some people, eating out always means unhealthy. However, some restaurants serve food items which can contribute much to your dietary needs. Some of these items are healthy even more than your homemade food.

Being calorie conscious is good but enjoying some odd indulgence is even not that bad. Restaurants are now catching up with this trend of healthy food which is not only nutritious but also delicious. They offer variety of organic and lively food on the table which will make you go on the eatery more than once.

If you are going out but don’t want to compromise on your diet then below are the food items that can prove to be your best buddy in a restaurant.

1. Herbs omelette


Eggs are one of the most common breakfasts that you can get all across the globe. The most popular dish of eggs is Omelette which is found in almost all the restaurants offering healthy food. Their richness in protein and low level in fat makes it versatile when it comes to cooking.

There are so many recipes which can go well with eggs. Nothing can make a healthy breakfast without a delicious omelette made with finely chopped veggies, cheese and herbs. Herbs omelette is one such dish that has travelled all the way from France to Indian restaurants. It is made with the finest creation of nature i.e. herbs. So, it is not only healthy but also tasty enough to accentuate your taste buds. 

It is not a regular omelette that can be prepared easily at home. It is requires a lot practice for chefs to make a perfect herbs omelette which is moist inside and slightly brown outside. It is full of freshly chopped herbs like chives, chervil and parsley.

2. Hummus and Pita


Hummus and Pita bread is a central dish in Turkish, Egyptian, Syrian and Lebanese cuisine. Hummus, a simple yet healthy dip which is just irresistible has now become popular amongst many restaurants in India. Ideally, it is served with Pita bread to complement a healthy diet.

Hummus is made with chickpeas, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. All these ingredients help a lot in weight management. Moreover, chickpeas being primary ingredient help in reducing cholesterol and risk of other heart related problems. It is served with flatbread which is made out of wheat and popularly known as Pita bread in restaurants. It works well in the menu when a restaurant wants to offer something really healthy for its customers.

3. Baked Herb chicken


Baked chicken is a common choice of dinner for many fitness enthusiasts. A lot of diet conscious people who cannot avoid eating in restaurants prefer baked chicken over roasted chicken. It is one of the tastiest sources of protein which is also lower in fat. Due to the baking process in its cooking, it requires less oil and thus it results in low level of fat.

Baked chicken in many restaurants is served with the garnish of fresh natural herbs. These herbs not only improve flavours of the chicken but also boost immunity of body. This particular dish also plays a critical role in making variety of hormones as well as in improving fertility.

Baked herb chicken stays in demand when added in any restaurant menu due to its high nutritious value.

4. Black kidney bean burger


Everybody is aware with the variety of burgers which are available at local as well as branded fast food joints. There burgers are undoubtedly rich in veggies but at the same time they are big failure in terms of nutritious value. Keeping in mind the desires of a healthy heart, many restaurants have started serving Black Kidney Bean Burgers.

Black Kidney Beans are extremely rich in protein and fibres. They help in fighting the growing risk of heart diseases and weight gain. These beans are also known as antioxidants which also fights inflammation in the stomach.

Black Kidney beans patty when used in a whole wheat or multigrain burger, becomes a mouth- watering yet healthy snack for lunch as well as dinner.

5. Whole wheat or multi- grain thin crust Pizza


Pizzas have always been a rich source of delicious indulgence. If you want to feel good about eating pizzas without any concern on your fitness, then thin crust pizzas can be a great treat for you. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non vegetarian, thin crust pizza is something which is becoming common in every pizza joint.

 Thin crust made with whole wheat or multigrain is one of the most appealing and healthy options in restaurants offering fast foods. They are far better than white flour in terms of number of calories and fat. Usually, pizzas which are made with whole wheat or multigrain crust require very less amount of cheese and fatty sauces. However, they still maintain great flavours and taste without compromising on the nutritious content.

6. Fresh Herbed Chicken Breast


Chicken breast is an extremely popular dish on the restaurants’ menu serving healthy food to their customers. It plays a major role in losing weight without consuming extra calories. Chicken breast is very common among those who want to lose weight with correct and healthy diet. It not only helps in managing weight but also acts as a powerhouse to burn fat residing in the stomach.

Many restaurants have experimented with the recipe of chicken breast to make it easier for customers to consume it. Now they have started using great aromatic herbs which add a soothing flavour to the entire dish. Herbed chicken breast has numerous health benefits which are essential to keep your body fit.


7. Baked beans on Toast


Baked beans on Toast is one such dish which is now widely available in restaurants offering healthy breakfast. This particular dish is considered as an appropriate dietary regimen for weight loss due to its nutritious value. Baked beans are rich in protein and very low in fat. They help in killing cravings by keeping the tummy full for a longer time.

It becomes more mouth watering when it is served with multigrain toast. According to various chefs, Baked Beans on Toast is not that easy to make. It should have a perfect balance between its flavour and the taste of the bread. Even the texture of beans and bread must complement each other in order to have a successful and healthy food menu.