Types of beer Glasses and their usage with right brew type

People cheering with beer glasses while sitting over lunch

The craze for beer is touching new horizons all around the world. Beer is also one of the most preferred drinks among the Indian tipplers. From family get together to corporate parties, Beer makes every celebration exciting and complete. But during those parties, did you ever notice the shape of your Beer glass? If you are a true Beer lover, then you must know pouring the Beer into your mouth is just not enough. The shape and size of your Beer glass plays an important role in retaining true essence of the Beer.

Not all the glasses are designed equally for all Beer types. Majority of Beer lovers know only about Pint glasses for enjoying Beer. Some may also be seen having their own collection of Pint glasses at home. But in actual, there is a wide range of Beer glassware made exclusively for serving different types of Beer. These Beer glasses possess their own unique characteristics and used for specific purposes. Glasses play an important role in the appearance, aroma and foam of the beer.

Glasses come in different shapes and designs. They bring out the most desirable attributes of beer. Let’s have a look at the most common beer glasses to complement your beer:



1. Pint Glasses

Two pint glasses with beer

There are so many number of Pint glasses available all around the world. Out of these, the most common one is the American Pint. This is the most simple and traditional beer glass also referred to as a Shaker Glass or a Shaker Pint. You will probably find these American Pints in restaurants and bars following American beer culture. It has a wider rim at the mouth and fills up to 16 ounces of beer. It is typically conical in shape with a wider mouth and narrow base.


The other Pint glasses are the English Pints. These are also referred to as Imperial Pints or Nonic glasses. These are somewhat like American Pints but with a slight curve in the design. Moreover, they also hold up to 20 ounces of beer.  Both the glasses are cheap to purchase and manufacture. They are even easy to store in stacks and that’s why they are commonly seen in restaurants and pubs.


Usage: When you want to sip more beer, go for Pint glasses. They are also good when you want to shake it with any other drink. The size of the Pints and their shape helps in stirring the drink well.


Best companion: Imperial Stout, Indian pale ale, Brown ale and Porter



2. Beer Mug or Stein

Few beer mugs with various beer brews

Beer Mug is one of the favourites of all beer geeks. It has a lot of qualities like easy handling, robust glass and holds plenty of beer. Beer Mugs are very common in Germany, England and the United States. These are extremely stylish and come in many different sizes and designs. Having beer in a Beer Mug is more of a style than the convenience as they never go out of fashion.


Apart from the shape, their main characteristics are the handle and thick glass. These particular characteristics prevent your hands from warming it up while holding. The thick glass also helps in keeping your beer cooler for a longer time.


Usage: When you want to enjoy your beer over long conversations, go for Beer mugs. They would keep your beer cooler for more time. Due to its rough and tough glass, you can even have a hearty toast with your friends.


Best companion: American Ale, Irish Dry Stout, English Ale, Oatmeal Stout



3. Pilsner Glasses

A pilsner glass filled with beer

Pilsner Glasses are tall and V- shaped glasses that typically hold 12 ounces of beer. They have a beautiful design with a wide rim tapering to a small base. A Pilsner glass is usually a thin glass used for showcasing the clarity of the beer. It not only shows the carbonation and real colour of the beer but also retains its volatiles for a longer fraction. These glasses are well- known in maximizing the aroma of the drink.


Usage: When you want to enjoy your corporate dinners with beer, you must go for Pilsner glasses. They look premium when served in a formal get together.


Best companion: Pilsner, Blonde Ale andBock



4. Weizen Glass

Three weizen glasses filled with beer

Weizen glasses are the cousins of Pilsner glasses. They have quite a lot similarity in their shape and sizes. The only feature that differentiates them is the curve in their design. Weizen glasses have more of a lady like curve with slightly a broader rim.

Weizen glasses are taller than Pints and they have a capacity of holding half a litre of beer with them. Their one of the most important characteristics is that they are used specifically for wheat beers. The broad curve on the upper body of the glass also helps in trapping thick foam, flavour and aroma.

Usage: You can use these glasses for having beer at weekend parties. These glasses are usually seen in pubs and restaurants.

Best companion: Wheat Ale, Gose, Kristalweizen and Weizen bock



5. Snifter

An empty snifter glass

Made for tasting brandy, Snifters are rare to find in common public places for having beer. The Snifters are designed with a wide bowl attached with a stem. Apart from holding plenty of liquid, they are great in enhancing the aromas of beer. The shape of the snifter is unique as it allows you to swirl the beer around which brings out the aroma out of it.


Snifters are also known for preserving flavours of the drink. The only tip to having beer in Snifters is not to full up the glass which prevents aroma to come off the glass.


Usage: When you want to enjoy the flavours of your beer, go for Snifter glasses. They will give you the experience of aromas while preserving its volatiles and taste.


Best companion: Good for strong beers like Imperial Stout, Belgian Dark Ale and Indian Pale Ale



6.  Tulip Glass

A tulip glass half filled

Tulip Glass comes from the family of Snifter. These glasses also have a stem and wide bowl but with a tapering rim. The slight curve in its design plays well with the beer’s foam. More than releasing the aromas, these glasses are best known for trapping and maintaining the foam head. These glasses also capture volatiles and mainly used for enjoying strong beers. You will likely find these glasses in premium pubs and restaurants. This is one of the most preferred types of beer glasses amongst beer geeks.


Usage: Tulip glasses can be preferred when you want to enjoy the foamy heads of the beer. If you want to preserve the aroma and flavour of the beer, these glasses can be best buddies to your beer.


Best companion: Strong Ales, Saison and Scotch Ales



7. Flute Glasses

Couple of flute glasses filled with beer

Now this type of glass is a classic one in its category. Flute glass is one of the most preferred glasses for beer enthusiasts. This is quite tall and conical in shape. With an extremely narrow base, it has a long stem attached to its round feet. Due to the shape of the stem, it looks a traditional champagne glass. But in actual, it is one of the most premium glasses in the category of Beer glassware.


The body structure of the Flute glasses encourages carbonation to stay for a longer time than to disappear quickly after a few seconds. The glasses are also effective in showcasing the clear sparkling colour of the beer.

Usage: When you want to enjoy a strong beer, you must go for Flute glasses. These glasses will give you an experience of intense aroma and flavour of the beer.

Best companion: Schwarzbier, American Wild Ale, Vienna Lager, Lambic and Red Ale



8. A Stange

Two empty stange glasses

It is one of the most boring glasses in the category of Beer glassware. Its history hints that no beer glasses list was complete without a ‘Stange’ included in it. These glasses are commonly referred to as a Rod glass due to its weird straight shape. Its name has been originated from Germany where Rod is called as a Stange.


These glasses are usually required for a firm volatile. These are also known for releasing the real intensified flavour and essence of the beer you want to enjoy.


Usage: This particular type of glass is used to serve really delicate beers. When you want to enjoy the real essence of your beer, blindly go and choose Stange.

Best companion: German Kölsch, Altbier, Gueuze, Rye beer and Bock